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PETITION: A Message to Congress from Richard Ojeda on Trump's Fake National Emergency

A message from U.S. Army Major (ret.) Richard Ojeda:

Hey Everybody, Richard Ojeda here.
And I wanted to come on and do a quick video here and ask everyone to get real. I think that everyone knows that Donald Trump’s National Emergency is really about his re-election.
He stated that Mexico was gonna pay for the wall which they will not, and then he shut down our government when congress told him no. Now he’s wanting to take millions of dollars away from our military to fund his broken campaign promise.
The things that this guy has said and done towards our military and a lot of veterans in absolutely unacceptable. He’s spoken negative about Senator McCain, General Mattis, and even Gold Star Families. I can’t accept that ladies and gentlemen. I cannot accept that.
He’s even sent our troops to the Southern Border during midterms for a political stunt. And what has he done to help the VA system, and what has he done to fix the Veterans Administration system–little to none.
So I’m asking everyone to get real and please sign our petition that will go to congress and tell them to vote no to Trump’s FAKE Emergency.

Please join OJ and sign the petition now! Tell Congress to stop Trump's raid of military housing and school funds for his fake national emergency re-election stunt. Our military families and children deserve better than the disrespect Trump shows them.

Update: On Friday, February 22, House Democrats introduced a resolution to block President Trump's effort to build his politically-motivated vanity wall through a fake national emergency declaration and will vote next week! Please sign the petition now!

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