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Trump/GOP: Chaos, Corruption & Obstruction. Democrats: Progress, Accomplishment & Promises Kept.

Do you support the Democrats' accomplishments?

It seems like just yesterday that Nancy Pelosi was taking back the speaker’s gavel after the American people voted to take back their house from lobbyists, special interests and corrupt politicians.

But here we are, nearing the 100-day mark of the new Democratic majority -- 100 days of accomplishments, accountability, and a focus on keeping the promises Democrats made to the people.

As Democrats continue to prove they stand for the people, Republicans prove they stand for nothing. For Mitch McConnell and the Republicans it’s been 100 days of obstruction, bending rules to ram through unqualified Trump judges and political appointees, and complicity with a White House mired in chaos and corruption.

The contrast is stark.

Sadly, you may not hear about the Democrats’ accomplishments from the news media. They’re too busy feeding us a steady diet of political pundits and talking heads fighting over Trump’s latest chaos-bomb.

They won't tell you that Democrats voted unanimously to pass H.R. 1 For the People Act - the most sweeping anti-corruption bill since Watergate - and Republicans voted unanimously against ending corruption and draining the swamp.

But we will.

Here at Future Majority, we are going to spend the week leading up to the 100-day mark on the 13th sharing what Democrats are doing for the people. We’ll tell you about the accomplishments they’ve made and how Republicans are obstructing the progress Democrats want to make for you.

Because from healthcare to oversight, Democrats are keeping the promises they made to voters in the midterm elections as they fight for America and the American people.

And they’re just getting started. Speaker Pelosi already has plans for this Congress to take on prescription drug prices, equal pay for women and our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

We know the media loves to paint a picture of a divided Democratic Party, but as the Democrats' record makes clear, they are getting things done for the American people.

One hundred days in, our leaders are doing what we have asked them to do.

Tell us if you support the Democrats' record of accomplishment and fighting for progress.