ALERT: America - we are at war.

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by Future Majority | 4.24.19

America - we are at war. We are under attack daily, hourly and no one is doing anything to stop it.

  • America was attacked at Pearl Harbor - and we Won a World War.
  • America was attacked on 9/11 - and we unified to fight terrorists around the globe.
  • America's electoral process was attacked in 2016 - and we have done nothing.

Lost among the partisan bickering now drowning Washington is the most important finding of the Mueller Report:

We are at war.

We are under attack. By Russia foremost, but also by Iran and others.


Dictatorships who would like to see the last great democracy on earth lose the legitimacy of its election results, are winning.

All efforts to stop them are being blocked by the President.

And President Trump has prevented the nation’s law enforcement and intelligence communities from mounting a defense of our highest and most urgent national priority: protecting the security of the nation and the sanctity of our democratic elections.

Just today, the NY Times revealed that even DHS Commissioner Kirstjen Nielsen - a Trump loyalist - was fired because of her forceful argument for measures against Russian meddling in the 2020 elections.Congress must immediately act to fill the vacuum left by the President and the Executive Branch:

  1. Pass HR 1, currently before the Senate, which protects election systems and gives law enforcement the tools to fight interference.
  2. Develop a national strategy to combat foreign interference in our democracy.
  3. Establish a commission on social media and its vulnerability to foreign manipulation.
  4. Establish specific permanent subcommittees of the Committees on Homeland Security in the House and Senate, on election security.
  5. Fully fund states and localities' efforts to protect the ballot box.

 In his narcissism, President Trump is so obsessed with the taint of “collusion” and “obstruction” that he will not allow the executive branch to “faithfully execute the laws of the United States.” 

Congress must act or our adversaries will know that attacking America carries no consequences.

We are under attack. We are at war. And we will respond.


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