AG Barr Proves Himself a Reliably Corrupt Trump-Swamp Dweller; Democrats Call for His Resignation

We think Attorney General William Barr should resign. Do you agree?

by Future Majority | 5.1.19

What the heck happened today?

From where we’re sitting, it sure looked like Bill Barr continued his brazen cover-up and Senate Republicans continued to help him get away with it. Barr proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s one of the most corrupt of all the Trump-Swamp creatures. He’s supposed to be our lawyer, but he sounds just like Rudy Giuliani.

Some highlights -- or lowlights -- from Barr’s credibility-shattering testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

  • Barr thinks Trump is the real victim here (of the media, naturally)
  • Barr thinks it’s okay for Trump to obstruct justice because he felt he was being falsely accused (um...that’s not how the law works)
  • Barr admitted he’d been working on a decision exonerating Trump of obstruction of justice before the Mueller report was even completed (heck, we knew this in June 2018 when Barr sent an unsolicited 19-page memo to Rosenstein blasting the unfinished report)
  • Barr and Deputy AG Rosenstein did not even read the underlying evidence unearthed by Mueller and his team (wait...WHAT?!?!)
  • Barr lied and said Mueller’s recent letter to him was to take issue with the press characterization of the Mueller report. Mueller was in fact taking issue with Barr’s characterization of the report's findings, which gave the American people an incorrect view of what Mueller actually uncovered about Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice. (The AG is now actively lying to Congress and the American people about EVERYTHING.)

But there’s more...

  • Barr is refusing to attend the upcoming House Judiciary Committee hearing (so in addition to being totally corrupt...he’s a total chicken*$&!)
  • Barr railed against the justice system being used as a political pawn but rushed to defend his corrupt boss while lying to Congress and the American people about the Mueller report’s findings (Hypocrisy much?)
  • Barr refused to say whether he thought it was morally okay for a president to ask his White House Counsel to lie. He also refused to say whether he thought it was morally okay to direct his staff to fire a special counsel that was investigating him. (Perhaps, Barr needs a refresher course on morality?) And don’t get us started on his hemming and hawing when the topic came to foreign governments interfering in our elections.

In summary -- the Attorney General of the United States of American -- William Barr -- today proved himself corrupt and having zero credibility.

We think he should resign. Do you? Tell us now and share this article.

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