How often did Trump criticize President Obama for the executive orders that he initiated? The same question is for McConnell, Graham and McCarthy. I have listened to three different lawyers with backgrounds in Constitutional law who all agree that the action by Trump will not hold up in a court of law. Trump's reaction to being fact-checked is expected because Trump hates it whenever he is called out to include facts to support his claims. We have learned from several Attorneys General that voter fraud has never been an issue and we should not expect it to be for the 2020 election. Five states have held elections with vote by mail as an option and there was never any problem. So, I applaud Twitter for fact checking which revealed the truth about Trump's lies. Now, I have a bigger concern. Trump has lied more than 20,000 times as president and no one has brought him to task on those false and misleading claims. Lying during this pandemic has cost lives and I won't to know the reason that no one in Congress has moved to silence Trump whenever he lies or expresses misinformation that can be harmful to the public health and safety. Using disinfectant to "clean out the lungs" by injection or taking hydroxychloroquine which has been determined is fine for malaria patients but not a life-saving drug for those infected with the coronavirus. I want my president to tell the truth and to pay the consequences for his lies. Bill Clinton lied was held accountable. No one lost his or her life because of Clinton's lies. With Trump, several articles have included stories about people who took Trump's advice about the drug and died from the effects. Shouldn't Trump be responsible for those deaths?What about the 70 days from late January through March when Trump called the pandemic a "hoax" and told us that COVID=19 will disappear in February "like a miracle". I expect my representatives to hold every president accountable but in this case, Trump more so than others because he is causing people to die.