The poor victim Trump needs a scapegoat. Someone or a party he can point to as the source of his difficulty. Oblivious to the irrefutable fact that since 2015 and before, he has been the maker of his calamities. Be it through denial, arrogance, willful ignorance, malicious intent, a waterfall of lies and mistruths, the compulsion to dominate, self-obsession, and more, his NEGATIVITY catches up with him. With US. Then he needs someone to blame. Bankrupting several of his own companies and enterprises didn't seem to be enough, however, now he's bankrupting the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY, and could well suck the world behind him into a rat hole of economic instability. it! HIs ONE main job in Jan. 2020 was to assemble the top medical and epidemiological minds in the country and give them an appropriate budget and free rein. Then this catastrophe would not be nearly so big, and would not be swallowing his presidency. He would be partly absolved. Instead, this glib, clueless, inarticulate, damaged CONTROL FREAK wants to ruin those who would help the people, and elevate those who protect him. 6 more months of this Thing in OUR office?!

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