We all want our kids to get the best education possible. And while in-person learning should be the goal, we should not be playing politics with anyone’s lives. We should be listening to the experts on how to return to normal safely. But the push for reopening schools immediately by the Trump administration has us thinking -- how was our school infrastructure serving kids in the first place? Sign the petition to rebuild America’s schools. The answer: not great. The American Society of Civil Engineers found that 24% of our nation’s school buildings are in fair or poor condition. Students have been harmed by lead in their drinking water, and depleted ventilation systems mean that diseases like COVID-19 can easily spread. And too many students are without reliable, fast broadband access. Our schools are not meeting the demands of a 21st century education -- and when safety should be the first priority, they’re not meeting the mark there either. It’s time we fully invest in rebuilding America’s schools so every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thriv