About Us

Future Majority is the strategy center for Democrats - an organization dedicated to driving the People's narrative. Let’s build Freedom, a Fair Shot, and the Future for every American.

The "For the People" Plan:

  • Let’s enact the For the People Act to clean up corruption in order to restore trust in government and ensure a strong democracy.
  • Let’s enable economic freedom through Smart Capitalism so Americans can get better jobs, earn higher wages and reduce their debt.
  • Let's expand health protections and lower healthcare costs by strengthening the Affordable Care Act and protecting social security and medicare.
  • Let’s excel by building America’s future through a 21st Infrastructure Investment Plan; which will create good paying jobs.
  • Let’s ensure through a Veterans First Bill that our military families have every option for the best health care and education available for their sacrifice in keeping our country safe and secure.

For press inquiries, please contact press@futuremajority.org.