About Us

Future Majority is a strategy center dedicated to building Freedom, a Fair Shot, and the Future for every American.

Future Majority focuses on these policy areas:

Passing the For the People Act (HR1) to clean up corruption in Washington, restore trust in government, and protect our democracy.
Advocating for smart capitalism so Americans have economic freedom by earning higher wages, building infrastructure, and reducing personal debt.
Expanding health protections and lowering healthcare costs by strengthening the Affordable Care Act and protecting Social Security and Medicare.
Guaranteeing that every woman has the freedom to choose if, when, and with whom to start or grow a family.
Establishing a Veterans Bill of Rights to guarantee veterans and military families have the best health care and education for their sacrifice.
Educating voters on the unequivocal evidence that climate change is real, is the defining issue of our time, and must be addressed with action. 

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For press inquiries, please contact press@futuremajority.org.